Meal Plan Scholarships

The Foundation has committed that no talented young man or woman be denied the life-transforming opportunities available at Governor's School due to their family’s inability to pay for their meal plan - approximately $3,450 annually - the only major cost required to attend the 9-month residential high school program. 

I was admitted to the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities in 2005. Being raised by a single mother, the support of GSA Foundation was a major factor in my ability to enroll and in my life as student. Assistance with college application fees, educational school trips, even my meal plan was facilitated by funds to the Foundation.
I give knowing I wouldn’t be the person I am today, nor would I have had the opportunities in my life if it wasn’t for the Governor’s School. I give knowing my life has been shaped by the commitment of others. It’s truly a privilege to support SCGSAH as an alumni. Paying it forward is very important to me. I know each donation has helped ensure the future of the school and the educational opportunities of current students.
- Maggie Morton
SCGSAH Voice Performance, 2007

Summer Program Scholarships

The summer Academy and Discovery programs are two-week program for rising ninth and tenth grade students interested in concentrating in Creative Writing, Drama, Music, or Visual Arts. While they work intensely in their art area, students are also exposed to the other art areas with opportunities to attend performances and guest lectures. 

Dancers may attend the 5 week summer dance intensive that coincides with the Discovery and Academy summer programs each year. 

Each year, 25% of summer program students need financial assistance to assist with program fees.